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1000 FRYD - Squat in Aalborg (Denmark)


AJZ CHEMNITZ - D.I.Y. Location in Chemnitz (Germany)

AJZ KONKRET - Squat in Hohenems (Austria)

AK 44 - D.I.Y. Location in Giessen (Germany)

AK 47 - Location in Düsseldorf (Germany)

ALARM - Organizes D.I.Y. Gigs in Kessel - Offenburg (Germany)

ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA - D.I.Y. Booking-Agency in Germany

ALHAMBRA - D.I.Y. Location in Oldenburg (Germany)

ALTE BRAUEREI - D.I.Y. Location in Annaberg (Germany)

ALTE MEIEREI - Squat in Kiel (Germany)

ALTE PAULINE - D.I.Y. Location in Detmold (Germany)

ANNE OAN - Organizes Gigs in Alte Meierei - Kiel (Germany)

ANTIFASCHISTISCHES SOUNDKOLLEKTIV - Antifascist-Collective which organzines gigs in Berlin (Germany)

ART CANROBERT - D.I.Y. Location in Rastatt (Germany)

AUSRASTEN - D.I.Y. Concerts etc. in Mannheim (Germany)

AVOCADO BOOKING - Booking-Agency in Germany

AZ AACHEN - D.I.Y. Location in Aachen (Germany)

AZ CONNI - D.I.Y. Location in Dresden (Germany)

AZ DORFTROTTEL - D.I.Y. Location in Waldkirchen (Germany)

AZ MÜHLHEIM - D.I.Y. Location in Mühlheim (Germany)


BE PART OF THE SCENE, NOT JUST THE SCENERY - Anarcho-Collective which organizes gigs in OBW9 - Stuttgart (Germany)

BLAUWE AANSLAG - D.I.Y. Location in Den Haag (Netherlands)

BLITZ - D.I.Y. Location in Oslo (Norway)

BROUWERIJ - Squat in Hengelo (Netherlands)

BRÜCKENKOPF - D.I.Y. Location in Torgau (Germany)


CAFE ATLANTIK - Location in Freiburg (Germany)

CAFE CENTRAL - Location in Weinheim (Germany)

CAFE IRRLICHT - Location in Schopfheim (Germany)

CAFE TAKTLOS - D.I.Y. Location in Glauchau (Germany)

CRÄSH - Location in Freiburg (Germany)


DE GROOTE WEIVER - Squat in Krommenie (Netherlands)

DESTINY TOURBOOKING - Booking-Agency in Germany

DRUCKLUFT - D.I.Y. Location in Oberhausen (Germany)


EX-STEFFI - Squat in Karlsruhe (Germany)

EXHAUS - Location in Trier (Germany)


FABRIK - D.I.Y. Location in Duisburg (Germany)

FETTECKE - D.I.Y. Location in Berlin (Germany)

FIREWALKER PROMOTION - Promo-Agency (Germany)

FLOWERVIOLENCE - D.I.Y. Booking-Agency in Germany

FREEDOM SQUAT - Squat in Wrocklaw (Poland)


GATE TO HELL - D.I.Y. Booking-Agency in Germany

GGS31 - Squat in Winterthur (Switzerland)


HAFENKLANG - D.I.Y. Location in Hamburg (Germany)

HARDCORE - NOT MUSIC - Organizes D.I.Y. gigs in Nürtingen (Germany)

HET PODIUM - D.I.Y. Location in Hoogeven (Netherlands)

HUBI - D.I.Y. Location in Ochtrup (Germany)



JUGENDHAUS WEST - D.I.Y. Location in Stuttgart (Germany)

JUZ BINGEN - D.I.Y. Location in Bingen (Germany)

JUZ MANNHEIM - D.I.Y. Location in Mannheim (Germany)

JUZ SAARLOUIS - D.I.Y. Location in Saarlouis (Germany)

JUZE KESSEL - D.I.Y. Location in Offenburg (Germany)

JUZI - D.I.Y. Location in Göttingen (Germany)

JZ OERLINGHAUSEN - D.I.Y. Location in Oerlinghausen (Germany)


K 4 - Location in Nürnberg (Germany)

K4B - Organizes D.I.Y. gigs in Brühl (Germany)

K-TOWN-MOSHCREW - Organizes D.I.Y. gigs in Köln (Germany)

KAFE KULT - D.I.Y. Location in München (Germany)

KARLSTORBAHNHOF - Location in Heidelberg (Germany)

KASSABLANCA - Location in Jena (Germany)

KG VIRUS - Organizes gigs in Druckluft - Oberhausen (Germany)

KÖPI - Squat in Berlin (Germany)

KOMBI - D.I.Y. Location in Nünchritz (Germany)

KTS - Squat in Freiburg (Germany)

KÜHLHAUS - D.I.Y. Location in Flensburg (Germany)

KULTUR UND TOLERANZ - Location in Gadebusch (Germany)

KULTURPALAST WIESBADEN - Location in Wiesbaden (Germany)

KUPPELHALLE - Location in Tharandt (Germany)

KUTZ PELMKE - Location in Hagen (Germany)

KUZ GASWERK - Location in Winterthur (Switzerland)

KUZE-B - D.I.Y. Location in Bremgarten (Switzerland)


LA CASA - D.I.Y. Location in Berlin (Germany)

LOBUSCH - Squat in Hamburg (Germany)


M.A.D. TOURBOOKING - Booking-Agency in Germany

MC DE BOSUIL - Location in Weert (Netherlands)

MIKADO - Location in Karlsruhe (Germany)

MITTENDRIN - D.I.Y. Location in Neuruppin (Germany)

MÖHRE - Location in Achern (Germany)

MOUNT CALDERA - Organizes gigs in Karlsruhe (Germany)

MUTTIS BOOKING BÜRO - Booking-Agency in Germany


NARSHARDAA - Organizes gigs in Speicher - Husum (Germany)


OBW9 - D.I.Y. Location in Stuttgart (Germany)

OCCII - Squat in Amsterdam (Netherlands)


P.A.W.E.E. - Anarcho-Collective which organizes gigs in Cafe 911 - Belvaux (Luxembourg)

PARKHOF - D.I.Y. Location in Alkmaar (Netherlands)



REDREDRED - Organizes gigs in Alhambra - Oldenburg (Germany)

RED HOLE CLUB - D.I.Y. Location in Budapest (Hungary)

REIL 78 - Squat in Halle (Germany)

ROSENKELLER - Location in Jena (Germany)

ROTE FLORA - Squat in Hamburg (Germany)

RÜLPS KIRCHHEIM - D.I.Y. Location in München (Germany)


SAVE THE DAY - Hardcore-Fanzine for South-Germany (Germany)

SCHELLINGSTRASSE - Squat in Tübingen (Germany)

SCHLACHTHOF KA - D.I.Y. Location in Karlsruhe (Germany)

SCHLACHTHOF WIESBADEN - Location in Wiesbaden (Germany)

SCHOKOLADEN - Location in Berlin (Germany)

SCSI CELL - D.I.Y. Location in Den Haag (Netherlands)

SHOTO KLUB - Location in Izola (Slovenia)

SPATT - Anarcho-Collective which organizes gigs in Gothenburg (Sweden)

STEINHAUS - D.I.Y. Location in Bautzen (Germany)

SUBKULTURA - Organizing d.i.y. gigs in Pforzheim (Germany)

SUBWAY TO PETER - Location in Chemnitz (Germany)


T-STUBE - D.I.Y. Location in Rendsburg (Germany)

TOPF UND SÖHNE SQUAT - Squat in Erfurt (Germany)

TREIBSAND - D.I.Y. Location in Lübeck (Germany)

TRIEBWERK - Location in Wien (Austria)


UFFAHUS - D.I.Y. Location in Trondheim (Norway)

UJZ KORN - D.I.Y. Location in Hannover (Germany)

THE UNDERWORLD - D.I.Y. Location in Bucharest (Romania)

UNGDOMSHUSET - Squat in Copenhagen (Denmark)


VEB LÜBECK - D.I.Y. Loaction in Lübeck (Germany)

VELVET CHORDS - Organizes gigs in Möhre - Achern (Germany)

VOLKSBAD - Location in Flensburg (Germany)


WALFISCH - Location in Freiburg (Germany)

WILD AT HEART - Location in Berlin (Germany)

WOHNWELT - D.I.Y. Location in Wunstorf (Germany)

WORKSTATION - Location in Innsbruck (Austria)




ZORA - Location in Halberstadt (Germany)

ZWISCHENFALL - Location in Bochum (Germany)